About Me

In my teens, I grew up thinking I was going to be a career woman; financial stability was my prime goal and plus, I was adamant there was nothing more tedious than cleaning and anything that involved nature (especially spiders and bees!) But the more I matured, more obsessed I was ensuring that my kitchen was in immaculate condition and hearty meals were being placed on the table, more so than shopping for the latest YSL purses or obsessing over salary. Years after graduating from University of British Columbia and working as an instructor, I had an epiphany and a sudden change of mind. It had dawned on me that if I could, I would rather cook, clean and garden all day long. At that moment I realized I was an aspiring full-time housewife.

…but the soaring house prices in Vancouver had made “single-income family with full-time housewife” a thing of the past. So I am a twenty-something year old Vancouverite, simply aspiring to be a housewife one day meanwhile hustling as an instructor and a writer on the side. And time-to-time taking a break as the infamous hostess of the tea-less tea parties (because who needs tea anyway when we got wine?) and an avid world-traveler.